FOP: When ext makes an outgoing call, FOP shows "incoming" from our CallerID!

FOP generally works, but when extension makes an outgoing call, FOP shows the extension (and the trunk) as “incoming call” from our own CallerID!

I am not sure if the problem is how I set up the trunk.
I set it up with Outgoing Settings
Peer Details:

Incoming settings I tried blank or with contents, does not seem to make a difference.
(And we are using this currently as outgoing trunk only anyway).

Was running ver 2.4, and tried upgrading to 2.6.
Still has the problem.
(Using TrixBox)

Last I checked Trixbox 2.6.0.x was still not ready for Prime time. I know for a fact that has HUGE issues and does not work (check trixbox site for more info). They came out with late last week and I’ve not seen enough new info yet to say if everything is fixed or not. The recommendation from Kerry back on 3/3 was to NOT install 2.6 See, search for DO NOT INSTALL (yes he typed it in upper case).

What it is showing is what we have in the trunk “Outbound Caller ID”.
If I blank that out, then FOP shows “Incoming call from [the extension dialing out]”

I also notice that the Report (Call Detail Report) shows this same number in the “Source” column, but the Dst is correct.


This is a problem in both version 2.4 and version 2.6
Does anyone else see this problem?
or do I have my trunks configured incorrectly?

I tried Peer-Details of both
type=friend and type=peer.