FOP user contexts not working

Centos 5.2 (no updates)
PHP -5.1.6-20.el5

I have set up a few users in the administrator panel to restrict the extensions shown in the FOP.
But it doesn’t work. The panel shows all the extensions.
The only hint of the possible problem is from “view source” in firefox:

Any ideas/suggestions?

The panel is the panel, it’s not dynamically generated on a per user basis.

You can set up another instance of FOP and have those users connect to that, but as implemented FOP is pretty limited.

In previous versions this worked. Three servers running FreePBX 2.1 had it, upgraded to 2.4 and it stopped working.
The problem appears to be a PHP SESSION variable not set or not passing correctly in the FreePBX web app.

There were some serious changes to the FOP between those versions. The author has his own site at and you will probably find the info needed to make the conversion between the versions there.

If I’m correct, (and there is no certainty of this), the php SESSION variables are in the freePBX code, not the panel code. The panel does not use PHP, just flash & perl. Under some circumstances this feature works, but these are production servers and I can’t experiment with them.

That is also correct the FOP is a perl script that passes info back and forth to the Flash app at the client end. But the perl script can and does talk to asterisk and it can talk to FreePBX if I remember correctly.

If you look at my first post, where is shows: src="…/…/panel/index_amp.php?context=" the ?context= is supposed to pass the context (user) to the panel and it’s blank. index_amp.php is part of FreePBX (AMPortal) and is called by index.php which is also part of FreePBX. Perhaps this is a bug. I’ll try the dev group instead.