FOP trunk display problem - FreePBX

FOP properly displays trunk names for outgoing “goofy” and incoming "ingoofy"
according to trunk module values. System operates normally with trunk operating
normally, handling incoming and outgoing calls, and being logged in reports. Outgoing
calls cause trunk button “goofy” to go red indicating activity. FreePBX

PROBLEM: Incoming calls do not cause trunk button “ingoffy” to go red indicating
activity. no other buttons indicate activity.

Please provide info on how I may correct this issue.

Trunk Module values:

Trunk Name :goofy

user context:ingoofy


register string:providerusername:[email protected]

There are other problems with FOP, like the Button grayed refresh problem after an extension come back to life.

The latest release date is 2007-03-19. Seems like the project is almost dead. Like the ARI project where there is an old bug for reading voicemail messages. (error message saying that we don’t have the txt plugin).

It is a real shame that a lot of opensource projects, after an initial keen interest, as soon as it become almost mature (but not fully mature), end their life in the trash, or are used by commercial companies who finalize them to make money with them.

I encourage everyone here to donate for the FreePBX project, as i did a few weeks ago, to support it and to help the opensource community.

Asterisk is certainly not a perfect software, but it does exist, works quite well for small IPBXs, and seems to write his story quite well. It seems to become better and better, after a difficult version 1.4 starting. Version 1.6 seems to give a couple of very interesting things, like the jitterbuffer for local channels, better support for T38, better thread control to avoid dead locks, etc…
If you watch the Callweaver project, initialy started to solve Asterisk problems, you will see that it is a perfect exemple of a dead project. No more news since Nov 26 2007 after version RC5. No final release…
In a couple of monthes, Asterisk will certainly have all the functions included inside callweaver, but working.

That’s why i hope that the FreePBX project will continu his route like Asterisk, but for this, do not forget that the team members, need some money to compensate for their hard work.

Without FreePBX, Asterisk is only a tool for telcom providers or computer enthousiasts.

There are a couple of important things in FreePBX that need adressing, like FOP and ARI update, Dial Contexts, URI inbound and outbound dialing, a Dundi assistant, a true Paging/Interphone system, and a lot of other interesting things we can do with the power of Asterisk.

So do not forget to donate ! Even small amounts. This is one of the key of success for opensource projects. FreePBX is a very nice one.