FOP Security code

I was looking at the FOP display and clicked on one of the extensions on the left that had a call open out of curiosity and got prompted for a security code. What is this for and what happens when entered successfully?

The agility to drag and drop, channel spy etc. is enabled when the code is entered successfully.

Nice, that could be useful in some situations here at the office (irate/unmanageable patients, etc). I don’t recall setting that code before - is there a default or is there a config file/menu to look through for setting it?

Without the FreePBX version I can’t help you.

Whenever posting for help it is key that you indicate the FreePBX, Asterisk version and the OS. How the system was installed is also very useful IE: What distro or from scratch.

With that being said version 2.9 it is changed in advanced settings, version 2.8 and below in amportal.conf

Please keep in mind that FOP is EOL and unsupported. It has been replaced wit the far more capable fop2.

Sorry, forgot to mention that. I’m on 2.9 - and I found it, thanks for the info!

Where do I find/access fop2?