FOP Panel Not Working - New Install - FreePBX


I have just done a new (NET) install using the current FreePBX Distro - FreePBX

No errors were reported, and everything looks fine, with the exception of the FPO

When selection this option from the Schmooze menu, a new window opens, with the following error in large blue text

Couldn’t load variables.txt?aldope=17765

In trying to find a solution, i have noticed previous releases suffered from a similar problem…

Is this a known Bug ??..Is there a fix ??

Any suggestions / direction to remady would be appreciated

Thank you

You might need to enable it in advanced settings (remember to hit the save button) and also I think you need to run google chrome as a browser

My FOP had to be enabled in the advanced settings too, did not need to use any special browser in my case.

I have of FreePBX-Distro with the same error, anyone find a solution? This was a clean install…