FOP Panel not available after install

I originally tried the install with *Now and for whatever reason the reporting/recording would never work on the base install and I could not figure out how to make it work. I then decided to try it from scratch. Used a base install of CentOS 5 and for the most part followed this install guide:

Upon completion everything appears to work except the FOP Panel. When I try to go directly to it or to it from the display it simply gives me the page not found. Was there something I needed to add to include this when I built FreePBX?

When running amportal stop_fop and amportal start_fop everything appears to start properly.

Save yourself a lot of grief from installing from scratch and install a precompiled distribution like PBX in a Flash or Orgasmatron. You will also have better support as the configuration will be standardized and the support forums will know exactly how your configuration should be.