FOP Panel and


I have a problem with FOP Panel, it doesn’t update with the data from mysql.

I found the script “” and ran that, which comes back with…

[color=darkblue]Table does not exist: devices[/color]

I have checked the DB, and the table does exist.

I was able to work around my problem by completely skipping the code in the function “table_exists” (i just added return 1; as the first line in that function). When I run the script now I get:

[color=darkblue]Notice: no Queues defined
Notice: no AMP Users defined[/color]

And FOP Panel now has the correct info and works well.

I am using MySQL Server 5.0.45, Ubuntu Linux 2.6.22-9, Perl 5.8.8-7.

Any suggestions?


I hit the same problem and filed a bug with a patch to fix it.