FOP only update after amportal restart - why?

I have just noticed something weird with FOP in freePBX (my FOP any way).

It will only update FOP details after each amportal restart otherwise, FOP does not give correct information. E.G.

When I leave a voice messahe to one of the extensions, there is no indication in FOP that there is a voice mail for that extension… I can leave the voicemail day for a day, still no indication in FOP… however, if I restart asterisk or do a manual amportal restart from console, FOP will be updated and it will show that the extension has a voicemail.

Similarly, it the extension retrieve the voicemail, FOP will keep showing that there is a pending voicemail. This will only go away after a reboot or Amportal restart…

Has anyone experience this? I am using freePBX 2.1.3… or has anyone a solution to this apart from a cron job to do"amportal restart" every so often?

  • Ben