FOP not working after module update

Hi there,

I had patched my FOP with v.29 to fix the flashing red/green issues on IE with latest Adobe flash player and all was well. I just updated my modules via module admin and it seems to have broken FOP again. Flashing red/green in IE but not firefox. Is there some trick to reverse my patch or did something go south with the module update?

I tried running /usr/src/freepbx/
I tried deleting temp IE files
I tried amportal restart
I tried restarting the server

I’m running Asterisk 1.6 btw.

framework overwrites FOP and the new FOP was not included in the latest. I wanted to get some feedback wrt to the new FOP before publishing it. See #2782 for some more details. You will have to manually copy those 3 files (from svn ~branches/2.4/amp_conf/htdocs_panel)


to /var/www/html/panel

If I get a few thumbs up on this change that asternic did I’ll get it in framework and published.

Thanks, that explains it.

I had the FOP svn update working prior to the framework update. After the framework update I re-did the changes as defined in the asternic post and all is well again. Asternic recommends not replacing the .cfg file but adding a line to it that sets a switch for FreePBX. I followed the asternic post. When I earlier replaced the .cfg I had problems that unfortunately I cannot recall.