FOP is blank. background.jpg is missing

I just did a clean install from the Distro ISO for FreePBX 2.9.09 that went without any problems. I’ve entered all my extensions, trunks, etc. etc. and thought I was all finished.

I found the common issue where the FOP wouldn’t start and had to run the restart command then reboot the server. The FOP now starts but other than the header that reads “Asterisk Flash Operator Panel” and the No timeout dropdown, the page is blank. It flickers every few seconds as it does a reload, but remains blank.

I checked the error logs at /var/log/httpd/ and it has over and over again File does not exist: /var/www/html/panel/background.jpg Indeed there is no such file in that directory.

So where did it go? And where do I get it?


As an experiment I posted a Non progresive/interlaced .jpg file, resolution 996x600. Named background.jpg in lowercase into the folder then reloaded. That graphic does display on the FOP webpage however I now get a new error PHP Notice: Undefined index: AMPWEBADDRESS in /var/www/html/panel/index.php on line 15

When I look there I see:
if ($amp_conf[“AMPWEBADDRESS”] == “”)

if ($_SERVER[“HTTP_HOST”] != $amp_conf[“AMPWEBADDRESS”]) {
$proto = ((isset($_SERVER[“HTTPS”]) && ($_SERVER[“HTTPS”] == “on”)) ? “https” : “http”);
header(“Location: “.$proto.”://”.$amp_conf[“AMPWEBADDRESS”].$_SERVER[“REQUEST_URI”]);

I’m confused as to why I’d be having these errors on a new install with no errors from the ISO. I don’t like the idea of starting over because I’ve already keyed in all those extensions, trunks, IVRs etc. but I’m confused as to why I’m having issues. Other than the FOP things seem to be “normal” however I haven’t gone live with the system yet.

FOP 1 Is not supported anymore, in fact it does not even install in the latest beta.

You need to remove fop1 and install fop2.

There is a small (under 50) license charge from Asternic the FOP people if you go over the allowed number of free extensions.

This has happened since the Distro ISO was last updated? I’d run the 2.10 upgrade tool except every time I try it I’m left with errors saying I don’t have the correct version of PHP5.3 installed and I can’t seem to upgrade it. Is that where the FOP1 stopped?