FOP display

I want to change the layout of the FOP… and if I change /var/www/html/panel/op_buttons_additional.cfg
I can get it to look the way I want, but every time I have to reload the server it overwrites that file…

Is there a file somewhere that defines the position ranges for FOP to create the above file…

basically what I want is extensions to be position 2-48 parked calls positions 50-53,69-73
queues position 62-64, conference positions 66-68

if not, what script generates the above file?


op_Panel_additional.cfg is re-generated every time any change is applied to asterisk. Take a look at /var/lib/asterisk/bin/ as this file is called every time to regenerate that along with a few other files.

You don’t say which version of FreePBX you are using but for 2.4 look at lines 37-41,
You need to set/change the following variables:

Please realize that when you do that you now have custom version of /var/lib/asterisk/bin/ so when it get’s updated it will get replaced. To protect against that you’ll want to remove write privs for the asterisk user.

For the FreePBX 2.5 the file has changed and I’m not currently up to speed on what needs to get changed. Take a look at the docs for the FOP to understand what is going on. You’ll find that info in the /var/www/html/panel directory.

Exactly what I needed…



I am having issues control the FOP.
I cannot transfer, initiate or hangup calls. Can you help with the passwords?

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Please don’t hijack a thread about one thing with another. Please post this question as a new topic in the forums.

You’ll also find the documentation for the FOP in the /var/www/html/panel directory, its worth a quick read, along with the authors main site at