FOP config files won't update


I installed freePBX (2.2.3) recently and everything seems to be working correctly. However when I look at the FOP none of the buttons (trunk, extensions, etc.) show up. I tried to trace through to see how the buttons are created, and it seems like when I make a change inside freepbx, freepbx writes to the config files inside /var/www/html/panel (op_buttons_additional.cfg) but doesn’t put anything inside this file. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?


check the permissions as everything should be owned by asterisk:asterisk. If not that could be a good place to start looking. To set the permisssions do a amportal chown at the linux command prompt.

Thanks for your reply. I had checked the permission on all the config files and they all are asterisk:asterisk.
Also I reran amportal chown and got:
Permissions OK
Doesn’t this get set every time you run amportal start anyway?

It should but I’m not the authority on that…

Ok let’s try this . at the linux prompt (assuming standard install locations or adjust)
cd /var/lib/asterisk/bin
su asterisk

Do you get any errors? If so post them.


When I follow your instructions, I get the following error:
Table does not exist: devices

However as I said, it seems to update the asterisk config files ok.

Thanks again

well that would explain why. You have a screwed up install. the devices table is critical to almost everything in FreePBX. At this point it would be better to start over then attempt to try and fix unknown issues.

If you are trying to get your feet wet why not start with one of the many good pre-done distributions. They take care of all the setup and small stuff so that in a hour you are up and running. If you insist on doign a build you need to find a better set of directions using current stuff as FreePX 2.2.3 is way old, in fact no longer supported/generating bug fixes for it. The current latest release is 2.5 which just came out a few weeks ago. Get something that at least has you working with FreeePBX 2.4.

For distros try and take a look at:
asterisknow 1.5 Beta (1.5 now supports FreePBX).
or as a last choice (hint not the best) trixbox ce. don’t try trixobx pro it’s just not worth it…

If you insist on doing a hand built why not follow one of the guides from this site. Take a look at the left hand side under documentation, getting started and follow the CentOS 5.1 directions. They do work if you do what you are told.

Ok. I’ll start over from scratch.