FOP and 2 T1


There is a Simple way to display both T1 1 to 48 lines in the FOP?

Thank in advanced for anyhelp on this.

i second that with 2x E1’s

any info on how to configure FOP layout would be helpful.


It’s not all that hard but not that simple and streight forward either.

Best bet its to search the forums list for FOP. I’ve posted some info in the past for others to use. I’ve adjusted our FOP output so that we can see 59 Extensions, 19 conferance rooms, 9 parking slots, (0 queues we don’t use them) and 29 trunks.

It’s not hard to go past that but you need to adjust several files and keep them all in sync.

In /var/www/html/panel you need to make edits to the op_buttons.cfg, op_style.cfg, op_server.cfg, files to adjust the buttons, you’ll want to decrease the font size (smaller font get’s more text in less space), adjust the placement of items in the buttons and most important decrease with width of the buttons so you get more in the space you have. Next you’ll want to redefine the areas for each group of buttons.

Lastly you’ll need to edit the /var/lib/asterisk/bin/ at around lines (30-40) Look for $extenpos, $trunkpos, $parkingpos, $confpos, and $queuepos. These define the slots that each area can use. (This file get’s replaced so either protect it and/or make a backup copy!).

Lastly if you are using the latest version there is a “bug” in the parking lot code that has a limit hard coded. I’ve supplied a patch to address this for those that change the size from the new default of 5 slots. Go to for the patch file fix_parkinglot2.patch