FollowMe when Extension is not Reachable

Hello community!

i have setup a scenario with the newest freePBX with activated followme and a initial ringtime configured of 15 seconds. this works fine and as the customer wants it, if the extension is available, then the extension rings 15 seconds, and then the forward call to the external mobile number is dialed and rings for 60 seconds. if the extension is not reachable (softphone not started, not registered), the forward to the external number is first executed after 15 seconds inital ringtime, which is not what i expected. is there any way this behavier can be changed, so that followme will be active immediatly if the extension by itself is not reachable?

It is not FMFM, but you can choose a not reachable scenario.

Extensions>Advanced>Optional Destinations>Not Reachable

i know this option, but what would i choose there than? FMFM? …
right now, this option is set to an announcement, but when i call the extension, this announcement is never played, so i guess this option will not work in this scenario unfortunatelly.

This doesn’t match my experience in this matter. The number will not ring if the extension is not available, full stop. The traditional approach in this case is either send to call to voicemail (the default) or to use the not reachable/busy/not available destinations and send the call out through a Misc Destination or some other function. Each of these destinations has a pull-down of all of the valid options.

Not to say that what you’re seeing isn’t happening - there are scenarios where something like this is possible, including Ring Groups or Queues with “skip busy agent” not selected.

unfortunatelly, it does in this environment! but it is not a ringgroup and not a queue, it is just a normal extension with activated follow me.

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