FollowMe Question

Hello, Im trying to set FollowMe and it works ok but for some reason I can not configure Caller ID.

For example My Company name is Delta phone number 555-555-5555
Client Calling from 888-888-8888 when the call gets forwarded to my cellphone I get 555-555-5555 for an caller id instead of 888-888-8888 how can I configure this to work right?

route or trunk?

For Trunk I have allow any CID
and for Route CID I have our Company number typed in

Any ideas on how to make the forwarding done right so I can get the caller ID forwarded as well?

It also depends if the provider allows it. You could try to make a wireshark trace and see what number is send out (imho wireshark is easier to read than the asterisk cli trace). If in the wireshark trace the caller number is displayed in the from field the configuration is correct but is overruled by the provider.

I guess this was my problem. I removed the caller ID from my sip trunk provider and it worked the way it suppose to. thank you.