FollowMe partly broken in ARI?

When a user has no configured FollowMe settings (initial setup), his FollowMe page in ARI loads empty. All I see is Trixbox header followed by FreePBX mascot frog and again Fonality copyrights. If I enable FollowMe for a user via FreePBX admin page, ARI page shows up properly.

Trixbox 2.6.1
FreePBX 2.5 (on top of TB)
FreePBX ARI Framework

I’ve noticed that, but always it was by design. It must be enabled by the admin first.


The Follow Me feature has to be setup for that extension in FreePBX before the user can modify the Follow Me settings. There has been some thought to updating the code so that the Follow Me option just doesn’t appear in the ARI menu if the user doesn’t have Follow Me setup. However, it wasn’t a priority for 2.5. If you would like to see a change made, please file a feature request for version 3.0.

Thx for explaination. But from PoV of a regular user, if it doesn’t even leave a message, it’s definitely broken. Otherwise I’m mistaken by supposing that ARI was made for users. :slight_smile:

Currently all I need is FollowMe available for all users.

  1. Can I make it enabled by default?
  2. Whats actions are needed to enabling all the existing users? (Working directly with mysql is more suitable to me than messing with GUI.)

The third party Bulk Extensions module is being updated for FreePBX 2.5, and it will include full support for Follow Me as a new feature. This module allows you to add/edit/delete extensions by importing/exporting CSV files. The new version of Bulk Extensions should be available within the next two weeks.