FollowMe Not working

Alright I am starting to feel really stupid here. I have an extension I want follow me active on. I clicked add follow me. I set hunt as ring group. I set initial to 15 seconds max is 60. In my follow me list first is the extenison 308 and second is the number 602466xxxx#

It will ring for 15 seconds and then my desk phone gets the voicemail doesn’t even try to ring the second extension. I have done 5 seconds or 0 if 0 it goes straight to my desk phone voicemail. I have tried every combination I can think of adding a 1 to the front of the number. I have made my follow me list just the external line as well. Nothing seems to work and always just get my desk phone line.

Am I just being really dense and missing something here?


Well I resolved the issue turns out that my dialparties.agi had an owner and group of www-data instead of asterisk. Changed that and its all good now. I loaded this from JumpBox so it must have been set wrong from their image too.