Followme messes with cid/CONNECTEDLINE info?

Not really FreePBX specific, but:
In the simplest of explanation, I have two Polycom 650’s, and have set trustrpid,sendrpid on within freepbx gui(verified in sip_general_custom.conf). I also have it set per extension. Calls from x7410 to x7412 show correctly on the display, changing upon dial to the extension users name instead of just the number dialed, UNLESS follow me is on for an extension.
If I have followme set for extension 7412, and x7410 calls 7412, nothing changes until the call is picked up by 200, and then it changes to “[email protected]”?
Running blindly, I’ve been able to see the different paths it takes from extensions_additional.conf(macro-auto-blkvm seems to be when it has followme on).
Has anyone seen this before or know of a workaround short of removing followme?

FreePBX Version = │
Running Asterisk Version =

trace from CLI, shows at one point it has the correct CID num/name, but then it resets it in a subsequent call to auto-blkvm?
trace is a call, answer, hangup.
Link to trace:

Thanks, appreciate any help.

A little more testing shows that it’s ringallv2 that “causes” it vs. the other followme ring strategies.