Followme issues when forwarding to external mobile from ring group (works direct from extension)

I am trying to set up followme on a virtual extension so that calls will be forwarded to my mobile phone at the same time as other extensions ring. I have added the virtual extension to ring group 200 so that it works as follows:

incoming call --> ring group 200 --> virtual ext 201 --> my-mobile-no# --> call confirmation.

Unfortunately, this does not work as calls are never forwarded. adding # to the extension (201#) causes the call to go through, but pressing 1 to confirm gives an error message - I get a “sorry, the incoming call is no longer available” message.
This all works ok when the inbound route is set to route directly to the virtual extension.

Configuration is as follows:

Ring group 200 (including virtual extension 201)

Extension 201 followme set to 0 second initial ring time and redirects to my mobile number followed by #. Followme and ring group are both set to 25 seconds ring and ringall v2 strategy.

asterisk logs

Inbound route to extension - confirmation works and the call goes through:

asterisk logs

You are having the same issue everyone seems to have when using FollowMe from Ring Groups or Queues. You’re not accounting for how long the actual Ring Group is ringing.

Executing [[email protected]:18] Macro(“PJSIP/sipgate-01387800844-0000000e”, “dial,25,m(default)HhTt,201#-101-102-105-110”) in new stack

Nobody picked up in 25000 ms

Adjust the Ring Group timer so that it rings longer than the extensions and see if that works.

The /var/log/asterisk/full file is replete with timestamps, I suggest you isolate the call and see what actually answered, perhaps asynchronously with your cell phone’s acceptance of the 1

The 25000ms line is actually after the lines where it says that you answered and pressed 1.

But as Dicko mentioned, without timestamps, we can’t confirm how much time there was…

However, there was a bug with Queues (not sure if Ring Groups were in the same boat) which had exactly this issue. It was fixed in core

So if your core module is a earlier version, then please update.

Thanks Tom, I have set the default to the same as the ring group but the problem is still there.

Thanks Dicko, I will try that soon.

Thanks Itzik, I seem to be running core My install claims there are no updates available though…

fwconsole ma updateall
No repos specified, using: [standard] from last GUI settings
Up to date.

I have freepbx version


fwconsole ma downloadinstall core --tag=

and then

fwconsole r

That fixed it!

Thanks everyone for all your help.

Not what I suggested to do. But the upgrade fixed it, so that’s good.

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