FollowMe Call Confirmation Issue

Hi guys,

Now with more office users working from home, we got a complain from a user who does not have FollowMe call confirmation enabled on their extension: That on some calls the PBX does prompt to press 1, however, when they press 1, the “incoming-call-no-longer-avail” greeting plays as soon as they press 1.

Looking through the logs I see that this behavior only happens on calls that was transferred from another follow me user who does have call confirmation enabled.

Ext 101 FollowMe w/Confirmation
Ext 102 FollowMe w/o Confirmation

101 answers a call on their follow me number, they perform a DTMF blind transfer to 102, then is when the issue happens.

I tested this on two different PBXs, 1 is Ver13 Asterisk 13, the other is Ver14 Asterisk 16.

Is anyone else seeing the same behavior?


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