FollowMe adjustment

I’ve got BLF keys setup on my deskphone and followme that after 2 rings the 3rd ring goes to my cell phone. This works great however when I call from my own extension this doesn’t go through the followme.

I understand why that is so you don’t get disturbed when your line is busy by your cell phone. Great feature, however I would suggest that if the source equals the target that you don’t do that.

A phone is stationary and so someone might want to call you from your device.

Is there a way where a can adjust this?

Check the follow-me ring strategy and the tool tip, it defaults to *-prime for FMFM, which is probably not what you want.

The strategy is ok and as it is supposed to be, only when the source ringer equals the target, this shouldn’t be as it is. And only then.

where are the ringstrategies made maybe I can make my own.

edit: The point is that my extensions go to cell phone after 2 rings, then both cell phone and deskphone rings. But suppose someone wants to call me from my desk then they won’t be able to because it woudn’t go to the next phone number because the number is busy. But if I’m busy on a call I wouldn’t want it going to the cell phone either.

So I want ringallv2-prim functionality, only when I’m calling from my own extension I want it to go to the first next number on the followme list.

You would need custom dialplan to accommodate this. I don’t think you could do it from the GUI.

Would you know perhaps where I can find information regarding?

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