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I took too long to make my test and subject was closed : Being in an IVR, how I can "force" via an external action to move to another?

I’m continuing here …

@ cynjut : I found many methods at the end to do FreePbx -> other system, but I don’t understand how to perform External -> freePBX
I found a REST API for Asterisk, but I’m bypassing Freepbx… I’m not sure it is the best way to do ? ( REST API : )

You still aren’t grasping some of the basics here.

  1. When caller hits IVR you need to send information to agent.
  2. Agent sends response back to PBX to force caller out of IVR to destination
  3. How does Agent know caller is still in IVR and hasn’t selected the option in the time it takes for the request to hit the Agent and the Agent to send the response.
  4. The remote application needs to know the channel this caller is on, so you need to at least send that over to work with.
  5. You need to use ARI or AMI to initiate transferring/moving the call from A to B.
  6. What are you going to do when the caller is no longer in the IVR and the call has moved on. You could end up transferring/moving a call that is already progressing as it should.

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