Follow Me

New to freepbx setup and managed to get my system working well a few months ago. I have come across an issue which i would like to clarify. I have follow me enabled on my extension which routes to a mobile(external call #) If i want to add a second mobile device for it to call the system only calls the first one in the list. Is this a limitation or should it be able to ring as many numbers as i ask it to?
Many Thanks in advance.

I’ve never had a problem getting it to ring multiple numbers. Mine rings both my cell and home phone.

I don’t know whether it matters, but I always use call confirmation.

You may also want to check your ring strategy.

Finally, how many trunks do you have. You need an open trunk for each outbound call as well as one for the inbound call (if it is coming in from the outside).


We have 4 inbound trunks and 1 outbound. the outbound can handle multiple calls so this has never been an issue. The follow me did use to work in the requested manner but since running updates lately it stopped. Call would be coming from the outside.

Does anyone have any ideas. I thought I would try it differently and create a ring group with 2 external numbers to ring if the group extension was rang but still only 1 extension rings. So this now narrows it down to not just being a “follow me” problem

What are the logs telling you. Are you absolutely sure you have enough inbound/outbound capacity?


Do you have the # at the end of the phone number?

Yes all external number have the # symbol. What i have noticed is it only calls the last external number in the list, seems to skip the first one. even if i add more external numbers it skips them all and only calls the last. I can make multiple outbound calls at the same time normally so yes there is enough capacity. 30mb up and down and only 5 extensions.

What version of FreePBX are you using? Is this a Distro or installed by hand?

Asterisk (Ver. 11.3.0). Just done a fresh install Stable-4.211.64-7 and the issue still persists.
I have extension 101 which has 3 follow me entries

It will only ever call the last mobile in the list.

wrong version Ver. 11.5.1 i was looking at the old system above. This is the version on the fresh install.