Follow me wont place call out to cell phone

I am using FreePBX for my shop and office phones. I want my phones to foreword to my cell and my wifes cell when they are not answered in the shop or office. Now please excuse my terms and what not as I explain this. I am a machinist, NOT a computer guy. I did not set this up, but I am trying to fix it…

We have digital incoming lines hosted through Vitality.
Phone server answers the phone press 1 for office, 2 for shop.
Ring group 601 and 602 respectively.

601 and 602 BOTH have 4 extensions listed 501,502,569,570
501 is the office
502, 569, 570 are all in the shop.
They are all listed in the ring groups so that if we are not in one place we get the call to the other place.

So I setup a follow me to ring to my two cell numbers 1234567899# and 2234567899# and put a # behind the number like it says to. Set the ring plan to ringall. Initial ring time is like 4 and max is like 20. And it wont foreword out to me.

So I made a couple new extensions 504 and 505 and set them to ring to my cell. If I call 504 or 505 they will ring right out. I can even transfer calls to them and it works. But when I list them as a follow me extension it will not do it…

This is driving me nuts! What am I doing wrong! I cant find anyone local to work on this for me and the person that set it up for me just never finds time to help with it. I would gladly pay to let someone sort it all out and get it working correctly. I have team viewer installed if someone wants to log in and take a look.

Otherwise tell me what I should look at or what other info you need to help me.
Thank you so much for taking time to read all of this!

Well, based on my experience tonight (which made me feel like a complete idiot)… I spent 30 minutes looking through call traces to figure out why my follow-me was failing - and then noticed I hadn’t selected “Enable” at the top of the extension’s follow-me tab…

So, I know it’s obvious - but maybe check that unlike me you haven’t just filled in initial ringtime etc and forgotten to enable follow-me :slight_smile:

Here is a screen shot of the two pages. Follow me is turned on, at least I think it is…