Follow me with ring group

I am trying to get follow me on an extension to work with an extension in a ring group. Some explaination:

When a caller hits the main ivr they choose the option for techsupport. They are then sent to that queue. There is a ring group for that which rings a couple of phones. Right now these are old Polycoms. Sometimes the tech will need to be away so they set forward on the polycom to ring their cell phone. Since we are mobile, I am looking at going to softphones. So that means I need to find a way to allow the tech to do the same type of thing (forward) via the server instead of a phone since the poly is going away and of course their softphone is on their laptop going with them.

I found that follow me works fine as long as the extension is dialed directly. It does not work if the extension is rung via the queue. Is there a way to do this? I know the cell number can be added to the group ring when needed but I would prefer not giving the techs full access to FreePBX just for that and I shouldn’t need to be called just to do that.

Any thoughts?


follow me should work if their extension is listed under the queue. If it is listed in a ringgroup it won’t work unless you treat the followme ‘as and outside line’ so to speak. If you want extension 200 to be part of a ring group, you simply enter ‘200#’ in the ringgroup. For a queue, it will go to the followme if you put ‘200’ in the queue.

Since I had the ring group up with extensions I added the # there. Worked nicely. Should have thought of that.

Thanks much.


After trying with the # in ring group or with the extension in the queue, by the time they answered the cell phone, it was announced that the call had been answered. Call was not answered, it would just keep trying but each time they tried to answer from the cell, it was too late.
Any suggestions?



Maybe my problem has to do with this?