Follow me with Hunt list and Confirm Call option

Good morning. I am working on using Freepbx as a phone call notification system. If I can get this to work this would be a significant thing for my company.

I am currently using call files dropped by external systems for phone call notification. This works great with 1 hitch. We have the need to use a hunt list (IE call this number then call this number etc) with the “Confirm Call” option in Follow me (because cell phones are being called). It seems this option only supports Ring all but this violates what I need.

My question is 2 fold. Does v15 of Freepbx or asterisk v16 support this? If not is there another way to accomplish a hunt list that would be calling cell phones possibly hitting voicemail.

Thank you

You need to provide more information on what is happening. What is the call file triggering? What is in that context/app? Did you do straight up testing on this, i.e. did you setup your FollowMe list in Hunt, activate it and then just call the extension directly to see if that hunts the numbers?

Do you have output of this failing how you are saying?

Thank you for your reply but I think I was unclear and you misunderstand.

Within Follow Me (or ring groups) , The Confirm Call option is documented to only work with the Ring All strategy. And in testing this was the case as it did not function well with hunt (it would get confused and act erratically).

That being said I was wondering if Asterisk v16 or FreePBX v15 officially allowed for this combination of options in either Follow Me or Ring Groups.

If it does not (and I fear it doesn’t) then I was looking for suggestions or alternate solutions to basically simulate that situation. The reason for this is my destinations are all cell phones and AMD does not seem to handle cell phone VM well so I was leaning on the Confirm Call option.

Thank you.

FollowMe and Ring Groups are just methods in which to call a group of devices and how. For the most part they use Local channels to send the calls out. I’ve actually never noticed the limitation for Call Confirm as one of the ringall’s is pretty much the thing people use (in my cases) but that is interesting.

But yes, you can do a confirm with each call in a hunt but that is going to require some custom code it looks like. All it’s really doing it triggering a Macro to fire when the called channel is answered, play the confirmation and do the IVR options which if accepted will continue and bridge the two channels together.

If you want, you can setup a virtual extension with FollowMe + Confirm Calls for each cellphone, then add all these virtual extensions to a Queue, and call the queue.

That is a great point. I figure the macro is just built to deliver the confirm message and then just be done and not return with any more actions. Which is sort of odd because if that’s all it does why does it even exist with the hunt option?

Even if I knew exactly how to modify the macro (and I do not) or add a new one not I am not sure where/how to add it so it does not get overwritten by FreePBX.

If anyone has any suggestions for either portion that would be helpful Thank you.

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