Follow me when an extension has no internet

hi all
maybe been covered before, if so, please give me the link,

have an issue with a client on free pbx version

they have 20 extension in seperate office locations, but the 5 main are in 1 office, 201,202,203,204,205
they have voicemail set up, but he has asked if its possible to have a divert/follow me to a mobile number if they have lost internet connection in that particular office - at the minute, if their adsl is down, the call goes automatically to voicemail, whereas, is it possible to divert to a mobile number if any of these extensions ring?
the same ring group includes the 15 other extension as well…


You can’t have followme just kick in when the internet is down. There is the toggle followme, but that would require a connection. Followme will call the mobile phone if it is enable.

i am not desperate to have the follow me, i need some solution to this issue, thats all - if the internet goes down, the voicemail kicks in, i just want to know if there is an option where rather than that happen, we’ll be able to re-direct all the calls to said requested mobile phone.

I am not 100% clear on what specifically you are asking. It looks to me like you are talking about the remote extensions that lose registration to the PBX if the internet connection(s) goes down. When that happens, any calls to that extension would go automatically to the VM box for the downed extension. In this case you want calls to a non-registered extension to be redirected to an external number (presumably you can still dial out if the internet connection is down).

You can do this using follow-me on FreePBX 1.8, I don’t have a 1.6 to check with at my disposal. Create a follow-me list for each of the remote extensions that first includes the actual extension number then the cell phone DID followed by a #. Choose a ring strategy of “first available”. This should direct all calls the the registered extension when it is available, and to the cell DID when it is not. I have not tested this method.