Follow me to use specific trunk

What I need to do is set follow me to external mobile number and direct call trough specific trunk.
I registered module Extension Route to do this but now I know that follow me doesn’t uses extension to makes a call, so I’m trying to set follow me Fixed CID to any number, eg.:

and next I use chosen outbound route dial pattern to catch it:

but it doesn’t works. In CDR I see that CID is fixed to 555555555 but dial pattern doesn’t catch the call:

Can someone help me?

555555 needs to be in the “CallerID” box.

Tried but without success.

It still uses other outbound route even if I try with dot in match pattern.

Ok, so it’s looks like even CID is fixed to 555555555 in follow me, and even in CDR I see changed CID to 555555555 - outbound dial pattern still see orginal CID somehow.

I know it for sure because:
-when I set fixed CID to 555555555 and caller id to 555555555 it doesn’t works
-when I set fixed CID to 555555555 and caller id to my real number which I made a call - it works. So even CID is fixed, outbound dial pattern still see orginal number.

Do you have any ideas why is that?

Is your problem with the Caller ID, or is the problem that you want to use a specific trunk, because the two are completely unrelated.

The easiest way to use a specific outbound route to an outbound phone. Set up a specific outbound route for that outbound number and route it to the trunk you want it to send through. You can set the Caller ID before the outbound route if you want, or you can set the Caller ID on the Outbound Route and set it to override everything except the trunk.

Thank you for your answer.

I would like to pass forwarded calls from “follow me” trough specific trunk and I read that the easiest way to do this is use “Caller ID”.

Yes, I know that I can link extension with specific route with () + | . / 105 at outboud route dial pattern but it doesn’t works with “follow me” on this extenison because in “follow me” not extension makes a call.

So that’s why I’m trying to use Caller ID. I tought that I should use fixed CID in “follow me”, and then route the call to specific trunk with outbound dial pattern but I’m not sure how.

Let me say it again.

The easiest way to do this is to set up an outbound route to a specific phone number as the primary selector. In this outbound route, you choose the trunk you want to use. Caller ID is not involved. This way, the Follow Me will drop the call onto the outbound route you are looking for.

Could you please explain it on an example?

I set up a special outbound route that goes to a specific trunk.

Whenever a call needs to go to a cell phone from my PBX (virtual extension, FMFM, etc.) I use that special outbound route by putting the phone number in the “match number” and send the call through my cheap outbound-only trunk (since they allow foreign CID).

That trunk is also the “last resort” trunk for the rest of my outbound calling (a money thing) so calls to anyone that isn’t one of my cell phones goes out over the “big, paid for monthly with minimums” account and the calls that are going to one of my cell phones go out over the “must maintain a $50 balance but never use more the 10 cents of calling per month” trunk.

This is how I made follow me to my mobile work. I’m sure there are “better” options, but this work now for me. I’m really missing a function that tells an outbound call to behave as if it is originating from a certain extension.

As follow me is based on time conditions, I created a ring group and added into the extension list the original extension and another (so far) unused extension number: 197#

In misc applications I put the 197 as feature code and destination is set to “set callerid” / “Caller ID myFollowMe”

For this you need to have first a set CID “Caller ID myFollowMe” first. Leave callerid name and number unchanged, destination “misc destination” - “myFollowMeDestination”

In misc destination “myFollowMeDestination” you dial "9999, the 9999 is just an arbitraty selected number

In the outbound routes you put the 9999 into the prefix field so that 9999 is removed, put you mobile number into the match pattern and leave CallerID blank.

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