Follow Me to Cellphone working very strange


The Facts:
I just do a fresh install of latest version (Stable-5.211.65-6
Release Date-02-16-14 FreePBX 2.11, Linux 6.5 Asterisk 1.8 or 11n).

-2 PSTN lines (using Grandstream gxw4104), outbound and inbound working perfect.
-1 Sip Account. Outbound and inbound working perfect.
-1 Extension (extension number:100)
-Inbound routes go to Ring group, in the ring group is the extension 100# (with the # at the end in order to get follow me to work)

I setup Follow me for this extension number 100 with Ringallv2, in the followme list I added this same extension (100) and my mobilenumber# with a # at the end. Confirm Calls Enabled, with defaults announces.

The problem:
The mobile phone rings, I answer the movile phone and:
-Sometimes I get only the last part of the Confirm Calls announce.
-Sometimes the call is connected directly without the announce.
-Sometimes I hear some beeps and the call is dropped.
-Sometimes It works like a charm…

Like a said its a Fresh install with latest freepbx and I also updated all the modules using the “Admin --> Module Admin” Menu.

Please I would like some one to help :slight_smile:
Thank you and Greetings from Chile!!!

I have a VoIp provider with a SIP account, and there’s no problem with it when i do the call forward with confirmation. So the problem its with the Grandstream GXW4104. I sent a Ticket to grandstream and I am waiting for the answer.