Follow Me to Cell Phone does not pick up unless audio is detected

I have a FollowMe set up for a user that goes to a cell phone. It works fine, but the call will not connect unless the person on the receiving end says something. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I would like to disable that feature and have it connect the call as soon as he answers the call on his cell phone.

The audio detect feature results in the receiving person have to say Hello a couple times for the caller to hear it.

I cannot find where that option is set.

If the receiving caller does not say Hello, or if FreePBX does not detect it, the caller just hears constant ringing until he says Hello again, connecting the call, then he will have to say Hello a 3rd time for the caller to hear it.


Anyone else have this issue? Anyone know how to disable? Thanks

I have never heard of this, but it is similar to reports that are known to be fixed by setting progressinband=yes for chan_sip.

I tried that, but I am not using this currently. I have an AudioCodes FXO gateway connected to 8 POTS lines.
I tried adding this in anyway, but it is wanting an IP to be entered in the NAT area.