Follow me to a virtual extension not working as I expect

I have a call flow that is as follows:

Someone calls in from outside

the call is routed to a virtual extension that automatically goes to followme to a second virtual extension
the call is then routed by the second virtual extension to a real extension that rings a phone

The problem I have is when the first virtual extension’s followme calls the second virtual extension, that does not call the final real extension but gives the following:

Unable to create channel of type ‘VIRTUAL’ (cause 66 - Channel not implemented)

Why isnt the second virtual extension just executing its followme to the final destination.

I know - get rid of the multiple hops. If I manually do this, it works fine, but I have this these extensions created automatically to create a flexibility I want. It makes it easier to make the system have the flexibility I want and have all routing thru a similar scheme.

How can I make a virtual extension’s followme execute when called by another virtual extension’s followme to go to a third extension?

Thanks for the help!!!

Sorry for the delay getting back on this. I have been busy getting my new system up and running. I figured out how to make it work. The initial ext needs to follow me to the intermediate ext with a “#”
For example, if 100 (virtual) follow me points to 101 (virtual) whose follow me points to 200 (pjsip) - obviously 100 and 101 have a call time limit of 0.

If 100’s follow me is 101 and 101’s follow me is 200, it fails
If 100’s follow me is 101# and 101’s follow me is 200, good to go!!

I think the real question here is, what are you trying to accomplish?

Just an assumption, you might even be better off using ring groups which each fails over to the next ring group.

Put a full call trace on pastebin that we can look at:

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