Follow me time problem

I have an exten configurered with
inital ring tme 45
ring time 60
followme list is its own extension (for moh purposes), and another extension.

The reality is it gives 30secs on its own ext, and 30 secs for the other extension.

Should it not give me a total of 45+60+60 ? (heck, even 45+60 or 60+60)
not a total of 30+30 which is what it gives?
nowhere is there any 30 seconds settings.

If it helps even in system advanced settings ringtimes are set to 60secs
Default followme ringtime is 40 def initial 15, so its not using them it seems and ignoring the extensions settings

It also does not mater is its own ext is in the followme box or not it seems

A debug of an impacted call could be useful:

The debug could show what you’ve entered in the settings, vs. the true state times. What happens when you ramp the times up (might be the solution)?

Your FollowMe ring strategy is probably set to ring one by one instead of Ringallv2

he mentioned using ringallv2

id always attributed these timing differences to setup delay

if his initial ring time is being cut short id also look at the trunk or inbound route … i’ve seen occasion where forcing the call to be answered made a difference because the carrier would reinitiate the call after so long if no answer or something akin to that - easy way to test is enable that inbound route for fax detect

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