Follow Me ringtimes


Having searched the forums and the net, my understanding of the follow me function is as follows:
In my scenario I have set up a memoryhunt
Initial Ringtime: Should determine the time the first extension rings, after which the next one kicks in.

Ringtime: The total length of time before voicemail takes over.

It does not seem to do it like that though. The Initial ringtime setting is completely ignored. The Ringtime is what it takes to ring for each extension. So if I have 3 extensions and I set the ringtime to 10 seconds, it rings ext 1 for 10 seconds, then ext 2 kicks in for 10 seconds also, then ext 3 kicks in for 10 seconds and then voicemail takes over. Am I misunderstanding what should happen?


Tks a lot

Initial ring time is the time that the extension that the follow-me is defined for will ring before dropping into the follow-Me list.

So that you know if you cursor over each of the labels they have popup help.

For Ring Time it says “Time in seconds that the phones will ring. For all hunt style ring strategies, this is the time for each iteration of phone(s) that are rung”. You are using a hunt style so yes each phone will ring for the time defined in Ring Time until it has completed the list.


Thanks for the reply. That’s clear, except that the initial ring time gets ignored completely? I can set it for 1 second or for 20 seconds, it is the Ring Time that is the determining factor in my case. I would like to set the initial ring time to say 15 seconds, and then the ring time to 5 seconds but it does not do that?