Follow me questions

I currently have a FreePBX system setup and running utilizing The system seems to be running fine but I am having an issue running out of channels. I was watching the FreePBX status and CDR logs and noticed that when someone calls in and selects a certain option on the IVR that I have setup to forward to another external number, two of my available channels are used, one for the caller calling into the IVR and another calling out to the external number used by the IVR. Is there anyway to make it so that once the caller selects the option that forwards them that after the PBX brokers the call, that it will reclaim the channels? I know that this is probably not possible but it would not be economical to have to add more channels to my Sipstation account because a single caller can take 2 of my available channels. Is there another way to broker the call other than using Followme that would not have this impact?

I am using 4.211.64-7.

Thanks in advance,

Anyone with some insight on this?


No, two calls would have to be involved.