Follow Me problem dialing outside numbers


First of all thank you for an outstanding product!

I have two systems:

  1. FreePBX 2.11.10, Asterisk 11.5.0, Google Voice (Motif)
  2. FreePBX 2.11.0, Asterisk 11.3.0, Sangoma A200D w/EC

Both are stable w/o any issues but one - Follow Me to external numbers are not working on both systems. Follow Me for local extensions are working fine, but for any external number I’m getting messages like following:

on system #1: app_dial.c: – Connected line update to Motif/+1203XXXYYYY-ZZZZ prevented.
on system #2: app_dial.c: – Connect line update to DAHDI/1-1 prevented

Forwarding unconditional to external numbers on both systems are working. Tried various CID and DID options but nothing worked. Not sure what I’m missing, it was working fine in old Trixbox installation.

Thank you for your help,