Follow me, patton 4112, channel request hangup all

In advance sorry if I post this in a wrong section.Second sorry for my english. It’s my first time.
I configured Freepbx Sangoma 7 With Freepbx 15 and asterisk with a SN4112 Patton Smartnode. The management of the telephone extensionsand groups are ok. The PJSIP trunk to the Patton is ok and there is no error in incoming or outgoing telephone traffic for and to extensions. What’s the problem? I need sometimes to divert the incoming traffic from the Patton’s FXO 0/0 to an extension in example 201. In case of no answer, I set the Follow Me after 12 sec to call a specific mobile number via FXO 0/1 (but the same happens if I set using Misc Destinations). The call divert is successful, but whether the call is closed from the telephone extension or closed from the mobile phone that receives the Follow Me call, the PJSIP FXO channels 0/0 and 0/1 remain up and the pstn lines on the channels they stay busy.Instead the PJSIP channel for extension 201 become free.
Before sending and analysing my errors in patton config and Pjsip settings someone had a problem similar to mine? Thanks in advance.

You need to configure proper disconnection parameters, might they be current drop, battery reversal or disconnect tones, whatever your voice service provides.

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