Follow me outside with Accounting Codes

Well I hit another issue. I have a remote support employee in another state with an extension on
our location’s Freepbx server. he wants the follow me to hit his cell phone which is long distance and
our provider, that we have had for years, is set up to control the Long Distance calls with accounting codes. So, is it possible to enter a number,do a pause, then enter the code?

I have googled and searched the forums but can’t seem to find the answer. I found some old stuff
from way back editing the dial plan files and several others asking the same type of question but with
no answers.

Have you tried “anumber w pin” (9999999999w999)?

i read that a w is 1/5 second pause so i tried that this morning, when you hit submit it strips the ‘w’ out. I input the number
in the follow me section.

81xxxxxxxxxxwXXXX is what it looks like. we use 8 to get outside, had to do that because i had a couple people on the old system dial 911 several times, the XXXX is the accounting code.

A ‘w’ in the dial string only has a chance of working on DAHDI channels. Try the technique discussed here:

i’ll try that when i get my sip trunk installed, they said 6/28 for the install.