Follow Me outbound problem

I am fresh into managing a freePBX system at my company after the last tech half implemented it and then left. I’m trying to get a call to my office extension to follow me to my cellphone. If a call is placed to my extension from one of our other extensions, then it does in fact ring to my cellphone. This is after I forward it manually at the phone with *72. If a call from outside comes into my extension instead of forwarding it will simply end up at a busy signal. I followed instructions in the follow me or vmx locator which one is for you, and I also tried using a ring group by adding my cell number to a ring group for destination of no answer. I also setup my cellphone in a sip extension with Local/mycell# to dial, but got the same busy signal. I guess I need help on the outbound routes, not sure why these forwards only work if a call is placed from inside the system.

If I setup an IAX extension and use no caller ID, my trunk provider will send back an all channels busy message, which if I am calling out will send me to an all circuits are busy message. This is easy to fix by adding the outbound caller ID to the IAX account. However, when using follow_me, this is the same situation I am running into, in that my provider is not getting an 11 digit caller ID number when follow_me tries to ring my cellphone, thus I get the 503 all circuits busy error and my call will not be placed, so back to the unavailable voicemail message. How can I send caller id with the outbound local call through follow_me?

Can you triple check everything is fine? How are you imputting the number? It needs to be in this format: