Follow me not working with Custom Contexts

Asterisk 1.4.17
Custom Contexts v0.3.7

We use the custom contexts for customizing the dial plans for the users. Now i have a situation that one of the user needs two devices for simultaneous call ringing. So I created a follow me option for that user and added the second extension.

Now i can see that the direct calls and the queue calls are ringing on both the extensions, but the extension calls rings only on the first extension.

I read the post and came to know that ext-local should come after ext-findmefollow in the include list of from-internal-additional generated in extensions_additional.conf.

So in the custom context i have made the ext-findmefollow priority lower than the ext-local and i can see the ext-findmefollow above the ext-local in the include list of extensions_additional.conf

But still i had no luck on the internal calls.

Can someone please advice.