"Follow Me" not honoring trunk sequence?

Asterisk certified/13.13-cert1 + FreePBX + CentOS 6.8 (fully updated).

Server is configured with 2 trunks:

  • Trunk #1 (“Wiline”) is the primary SIP provider
  • Trunk #2 (“Vitelity”) is the secondary SIP provider
  • Trunk #2 should only be exercised when Trunk #1 is unavailable

This redundancy works for the most part & was achieved by leveraging these two options:

  • Defining “qualify=yes” for Trunk #1 (Wiline) in “SIP Settings”. (This then monitors the trunk & marks it offline when unavailable for => 2s)
  • Defining “Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes” with “Wiline” first and “Vitelity” second. (This then rolls over to the 2nd trunk, when warranted)

That said, it seems my “Follow Me” related calls do not honor this config. Instead they automatically use the 2nd trunk (Vitelity). Note that normal outbound calls do not do this; they do honor the trunk sequence. Also note that both trunks are setup with similar dial patterns.

Follow Me is setup as a ringallv2 strategy with “127” listed first and “9172396438#” listed second.

I’ve uploaded log output which shows me dialing extension 127, not answering, then Follow Me incorrectly routing the outbound call through “Vitelity” instead of “Wiline”.


Thoughts? Thanks in advance!