Follow-me module weirdness when upgrading to 10.13.66

We’ve seen this exact behavior twice now. Upgraded from FreePBX 6.12.65-31 with framework to 10.13.66-6/13.0.27. Upgraded Asterisk from 11.20 to 13.5.0. On these two FreePBX environments (2 completely different environments, carriers, etc), we have instances where a call comes into a route whose destination is an extension. Then, that extension immediately forwards the call via follow-me to an external number - only the external number is in the follow-me list. There is no voicemail or anything “extra” on these extensions. Just a path for an incoming call to be sent to an external number. “Progressinband” is set to yes (have had intermittent issues where immediately following to an external number with no other Asterisk involvement would not work without having “progressinband=yes” in advanced SIP settings).

With both of these, after upgrade, follow-me on these specific extensions is not working. When you check follow-me settings, all shows as correct and enabled, could find nothing wrong. On a whim, we decided to try and “re-enable” follow-me for that extension. Changed follow-me to disabled (in the follow-me module), apply settings, it shows as disabled. Enable follow-me (again, in the fm module), apply settings, it switches back to disabled. Can do this all day long and it will not enable and still will not work. BUT, we found we can go to the “Extensions” module, enable follow-me, apply settings, and everything works. Took us a while to figure it out since settings show to be correct and enabled when you first check.

Didn’t mention anything the first time we saw this - just figured there was “something” with that particular install. Upgraded another last night that happens to have an inbound route with the same scenario. Follow-me stopped working for that route/extension after the upgrade. Was able to duplicate the behavior above, at will, and nothing would work - everything appeared correct in the follow-me settings initially. Disabled, applied = disabled. Enabled, applied = disabled. Repeated to make sure - could not enable. Went to the Extension module instead of the follow-me module, enabled follow-me, applied = settings were saved and work correctly.

Looks like follow-me is somehow disabled in those particular circumstances during the upgrade but not reflected in the modules GUI interface. (other follow-me settings on “normal” extensions were not affected and work fine). You can “reset” this but only through the Extensions module, it will not work if you attempt it through the Follow-Me module itself.

Wanted to throw that out in case anyone else has issues with follow-me after an upgrade.


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Thanks you for the advice!
I also noticed that “follow me” function stopped working, (always the call entered into voicemail…) I was able to cure it by toggling “Find me / Follow me” enable button from extension setup pane as you explaind. It saved a lot of time for me, thank you!!!