Follow me list, Unavailable (offline) extensions & Ring Groups

Here is the scenario:

I have an desk phone extension (111) that uses FM/FM with secondary extension (211). Ext 211 is a softphone, which is sometimes unreliable due to the nature of VOIP over cellular. So in the scenario where Ext111 is dialed and the softphone extension (211) is offline in the FM/FM list, I want to have the softphone extension fail over to a cellular number.

I did setup a ring group for the softphone extension which does work when the extension is dialed directly. However, when Ext 111 is dialed and Ext 211 is offline (unreachable), it does not fail over to the Ring Group for Ext 211.

Is there another way I can configure Ext 111 and FM/FM so when Ext 211 is offline in the FM/FM list, it will ring the cellphone in the Ring Group?

As an aside, I experimented with Misc Extensions and cannot use it because if the call is not answered, I want the FPBX voicemail to take the call.

In the follow me for extension 111 refer to extension 211 as 211# the # should make the call follow 211’s ring group/follow me