Follow me Issues


I`m having issue with follow me option to be specific i have problem with Ring Time.

Here is my logic:
Call extension 100 and ring only 1 sec transfer the call to Follow-Me List: ring on external number for 30 seconds If no answer send the call to extension 101.

I have changed Ringtime Default in Advanced Settings to 40seconds and call only stay at extension 100 and ring only external number to extension 100. Call is never send to extension 101.

I have set Destination if no answer > Extension 101

Additionally i have tested with changing timer to 10 seconds and if i use only 10 seconds the call is transferred to extension 101 > external number

Any chance you can tell me why for 30 seconds is not working and for 10 seconds is working.

I understand what you are trying to accomplish, but I don’t understand what you configured.

Would you mind posting some screenshots?

Here are the settings in the extension:

Here are the settings into Advanced Settings

i have set the ring time to 30:

After that i have check into extension advanced settings and did change the Ring Time settings to 10

Under Advanced Settings Ringtime Default is left to 15 seconds.

I left the incoming call to ring and after ~25 seconds it stops ringing on my cell phone and it starts ringing again. After ~1:20 minutes the call is successfully transferred to the second extension/cell phone.