Follow me issue

I have ‘ringallv2-prim’ option in my Follow Me settings page. The first number in the list is my extension, other ones are external numbers.
When Follow Me is active, the unavailable message is played for the user when dialed, no extension number is called.

Make sure the external numbers are followed by #, so 123456#

They are followed by #, everything used to work before, but stopped one moment.

Same problem…findme active…direct to voicemail

System 13.0.56/10.13.66-7/followme 13.0.26

Upon further testing, if followme is active and has any number other than the extension it is attached to, it goes directly to voicemail. This includes other extensions or outside lines. If the first position in the list is filled with any other extension or outside line it also goes directly to voicemail. Internal phones are only working with followme off! or as the only number in the list.

Confirmed. Issue is here:

Rolling back framework to 13.0.54 will temporarily fix.

fixed in framework version 13.0.57

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