Follow me help

I have a user that is using Find Me/Follow Me.
It’s working fine when he has it enabled. I have the initial ring time set at 8, and the ring time set at 20. It works fine if we call his extension.

The problem I’m having is when a call comes into our main number, and the receptionist forwards a call to his extension. It will ring twice and go directly to voicemail.

Any thoughts?

Guessing that one or more of the follow me destinations is an external number, the system is trying to pass the number of the original caller as caller ID and the trunking provider is rejecting that.

If the receptionist does an attended transfer, waiting for answer before hanging up, it should work correctly.

Or, in Follow Me, set Change External CID Configuration to Outside Calls Fixed CID Value and set Fixed CID Value to your main company number.

Or, if you need the original number passed, ask your provider if they can support that, or use a different provider for those calls.

Yes, the only Follow Me destination is the user’s cell phone number.

How do you do an attended transfer?

How are they transferring calls now? If their IP phone has a transfer key or softkey, pressing that, dialing the extension, waiting for answer, announcing the call, then hanging up is most basic.

If they are using a BLF key, it depends on the phone’s programming whether the transfer is blind or attended.

If they are using DTMF commands (ugh), you can attended transfer by dialing *2 followed by the extension number.

If none of this is relevant, describe the receptionist’s actions in detail.

I asked the receptionist and she said when a call comes in and asks for “Joe” she hits transfer, the extension number and hangs up.

So, what you are saying is she should not hang up and wait for Joe to pick up?

Yes, assuming that she hears ringing after dialing the extension. If the call immediately drops, the device may be configured for ‘blind transfer’ only.

So, we tried it, when a call comes in, she hits transfer, dials Joe’s extension and doesn’t hang up. Joe answers but then how do you transfer the call?

Usually, by hanging up. With unusual device configuration, by pressing transfer again.

I’ll give this a try tomorrow. We had it working before but I’m not sure what changed. It could have stopped working when we upgraded from FreePBX 13 to 15.

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