Follow Me External calls


I am going through a situation here that is:

I have a GrandStream that has 2 analog FXO lines connected it. Everything works perfectly with the incoming and outgoing calls.

However I came across a situation that I can not solve: I have an extension that I set up with Follow Me (I use FreePBX) making a call on mobile phone manager. So far so good, works without problems.

What happens is that when that manager terminates the connection line office that received the call + the line that made the “follow me” to him, is always busy, not shutting down in no time. Unless you go on FXO and shooting the cable that second line that follow me.

What can I do to solve this? I would imagine that when he finished the call, the 2 lines would return to stand-by, but not, as is busy (both).

Thank you all.