Follow-me dosn't work with external calls


Help me please !
I followed the procedure to setup follow-me with FBX, but for some reason it work only with interlal calls.

I followed this guide:

Can anyone help me??

Hi reiki,

Not knowing your versions or config…
Be sure you enter the external number the exact same way you would if dialed from the extension.

It is also advised to end with a #, to help speed the dial process.

My follow-me version is with asterisk ver.1.8.11.

this config:

Edit Follow Me

Disable?: not cheked
Initial Ring Time: 10
Ring Strategy: ringallv2
Ring Time (max 60 sec) 30
Follow-Me List:sip and nume phone with #
Extension Quick Pick default
Announcement: none
Play Music On Hold: default
CID Name Prefix: none
Alert Info: none
Call Confirmation Configuration

Confirm Calls?: selected
Remote Announce:my_voice1
Too-Late Announce:my_voice2
Change External CID Configuration

Mode: fixed cid value
Fixed CID Value:my number freepbx

Destination if no answer: voicemail sip

i think that it dosen’t work beacuse i don’t put anytime the voice to voicemail to go with the Vmx Locator, but i’m not sure.