Follow Me Doesnt Work when Trunk goes directly to extension

The phone on my desk can be reached internally as ext 151 and by dialing a number whose inbound route is directed to ext 151.
I have a follow-me set up to my cell on ext 151.
When I dial my main number, choose 151, the follow me works fine.
When I dial the number connected to the inbound route that goes directly to 151, the follow me does not work.
Any clues as to why?

Wild guess is your provider is blocking the outbound call for some reason. A call trace might reveal why:

As a test, set Confirm Calls to Yes for your Follow Me and report what happens on a call to your personal DID.

If it was already set, please provide details (does called phone ring, is announcement heard, etc.)


Confirm didn’t work. Just goes to VM. But here’s something.
VMX Locator on with Press 1 - Send to Followme checked.
When I call through the main number, transfer to ext 151, and press 1, it works
When I call the direct number, press 1, it goes to ext 151 VM (after the caller hears ringing, but neither the ext nor the cellphone rings).
Is there some setting on the inbound route that deals with outbound calls?

Also, when I enter the cell number and # in Press 2 on the VMX, then press 2, "Call cannot be completed as dialed.

I’m puzzled. Please post a log as suggested by @lgaetz .

Are you using any restrictions on outbound calling (Extension Routes, Class of Service, Outbound Routes with caller ID filled in, etc.)?

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