Follow me, doesn't want to follow

I don’t know why I get such headache with something so simple. I have my extensions setup, 4 of them with 8 channels.

I ask ext 1 to follow ext 2, then 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 and four to mailbox.

when I call from outside I get up to extension 2 the call is droped.

Anyone know what I’m missing.

Also is there an order to setup follow me and time limits. Should one be setup before the other or it doesn’t matter.


I would think a ring group would be a better choice here and ring all extens

with the follow me the first hit starts the clock so it will fail before it would go down the list.

Yes, that is exactly what’s happening. I cut the ringtime to (5) and it went around the loop.

Thank you bubba. I will also look into the ring group. I was taking a look at it last night and your correct again I think it may be a better choice.

Thank you.

Emilio my friend, How are u??

You are not setting a follow me failing over to a follow me are you?

Lay it out for us a little better…

Hey bubba, doing goood thank you. Hope your well.

bubba, I’ve had it working before. This is how I set it up.

I have a main DID which is my first ext. Then created three addit. exts.

they all register ok. I have Init. ring to (5) strategy to hunt on the extension list I only had the same extension number, nothing else. Ring time (10) and destination if no answer I use (follow me and the number of the next extension in line) I do this to each ext. and the last I send to a fith extension not included in follow me, just a regular ext. with vicemail.

I have an astra phone with 4 lines setup they all work and register, my idea is when the person call the number to get a greeting then start ringing the first line thru the fourth until someone picks up or go to voicemail.

Thanks bubba, always nice to hear from you.