Follow Me destination missing voicemail or new feature?

Hello All,

Just upgraded an older 1.8xxx to the latest and greatest and put it live.
In the process of cleaning up all the bad destinations, I noticed that in follow me there is no longer the option to put voicemail and point it at the proper voicemail.

Was this an intentional change or a Bug?

Actually just realized on one of the other servers I do have the option.

It looks like the timing on this was good, FreePBX just updated voicemail to version 12.0.43 and it fixed the problem…

More than likely you had voicemail disabled pending upgrade and didn’t notice because the recent fixes didn’t do anything in regards to your issue

It was enabled because we did a test for once of the extensions, left a voicemail to insure our email was routing properly after the conversion. Also, those extensions that had the voicemail options selected ( I can see it in the original 1.8x ), all had “bad destinations” after all of the conversions to get to the current version.

That doesn’t mean the module in FreePBX was enabled. Like I said previously you had the voicemail module disabled pending upgrade.

This further proves my point

I will keep that in mind on the next one, thanks Andrew!